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International Piccolo Flute Academy // January 2023

I've been quiet for some time on the website! 2022 was an enormously special year of studying on the piccolo master's course in Antwerp, graduating, beginning as second flute obl. piccolo with the Brussels Philharmonic, travelling to the U.S. for the NFA convention, and many other adventures.

This is a bit of news about the International Piccolo Flute Academy. The Academy is an online study resource for flute and piccolo players around the world, providing video courses from internationally renowned piccolo players.

I've been asked to join the team, not as a teacher, but to be part of a new kind of video series. The idea is to create videos which discuss my experience of orchestral auditions (my experience so far), and to share stories that might resonate or inspire the current generation of musicians who are auditioning.

For more info about the academy, visit



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